Gandalf and the CCC Fulton Campus

The first CCC Fulton Web Page was posted in the Summer of 1999. Here's an early version. Almost nine years later the Fulton Campus "Web Portal" has seen its last incarnation. If you are looking for something from the old pages check the CCC Menu on the right. From now on this will be a personal page for Wade Lambert.

A little trivia

Gandalf is the actual name of the computer that runs this web server. If you don't know who Gandalf is, look here. I created the Web Portal to enable students to find useful internet resources as soon as they opened a browser on a college machine. For a sizable number of our users the internet was terra incognita, and I really wanted to make things easier.

Gandalf had his first Fulton Campus incarnation in early 1999 on a PC that also was being used as a student PC in the library. Later that year I started using a recycled computer in my office as the webserver. In 2001 we purchased a new Dell server running Redhat Linux. He had several operating system upgrades and a couple of hardware changes before the actual server harware was retired in 2009. Gandalf is now happily running on a virtual server.

The men of experiment are like the ant; they only collect and use. The reasoners resemble spiders, who make cobwebs out of their own substance. But the bee takes a middle course: it gathers its material from the flowers of the garden and of the field, but transforms and digests it by a power of its own .  -Francis Bacon, Novum Organum